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There are many people have created a black market for stolen WoW gold.

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There are multitudes of sites on the internet offering to sell WoW gold to anyone willing to buy it.Though many players bought WoW gold for many times,they still care about account safety everytime they put into practice.Because they have heard about friends or other players got account banned.So many players are looking for tips for safe WoW buying. There are many people have created a black market for stolen WoW gold. By buy it, you are implicitly supporting the bots, the hackers, the cheats, the people who ruin someone's day when they log into a naked toon and an empty bank.The hassle far outweighs the benefit, and you run the risk of having your account permanently banned by Blizzard if they find out.If you absolutely must have some quick in-game cash,at least follow these highly recommended tips for safe WOW GOLD buying: 1. Look at Each Dealer Website Closely When looking for online companies for your gold investing, always visit their website. The website will tell you a lot about the company, and their success or failure 2. Eliminate Anyone Without an Excellent Reputation Check out the reputation of the online website before placing an order. Be wary of dealers who offer to eliminate capital gains tax on gold bullion, or otherwise act in a shady or unethical manner. 3.Contact Each Gold Dealer Directly When you buy WoW gold online, call them via live-chat or telephone before you make a final decision. This will let you know what kind of customer service you will get as a customer, and help you eliminate prospects that do not offer this. 4. Look at The Available Customer Feedback Customer feedback can be a big indicator of good or bad aspects. The gold market has spawned many scam artists, and the customer feedback can help you avoid these companies for safe WoW gold buying. All those tips are helping you to enjoy safe WoW gold buying.